Capitol Hill Briefing on Hospital Quality Data

What: "Healthcare Quality Program Renovation: How Better Tools & Value-Based Care Can Improve Outcomes and Lower Health Costs" When: Wednesday, October 23rd, 9 AM ET Healthcare costs continue to grow faster than wages or inflation, reaching $3.5 trillion in 2017 alone. Hospital care accounts for the largest category of health spending – so what are […]

CAHC’s 3rd Annual Price of Good Health Summit

January 16, 2020 | The Spy Museum, Washington, DC The U.S. health sector will take in more than $50 trillion over the next decade alone, with costs expected to increase faster than wages and inflation. In fact, the medical cost trend is growing so rapidly, within 10 years the typical family will spend 40 percent […]

CAHC Webinar: Part D Redesign

If You Missed the Webinar, Click Here to View a Recording Please join the Council for Affordable Health Coverage (CAHC) for a webinar at 1:00 PM ET on March 19th to discuss the various Medicare Part D redesign proposals currently being considered by Congress.   During the webinar we will review new data that shows […]

CAHC Campaign for Transformative Therapies Gene Therapy 101 Virtual Briefing

Today, medical science is on the cutting edge of innovation with new treatments, called gene therapies, entering the market faster than ever before. Gene therapies modify genes or replace faulty genes with healthy ones to treat, cure or prevent disease. Because these therapies are complex and costly to develop, they can carry large upfront price […]

Webinar- Price Controls: Understanding the Risks and Tradeoffs

Please join the Council for Affordable Health Coverage (CAHC) for a webinar on May 26th to discuss the current landscape of policy proposals aimed at lowering the prices of prescription drugs, and the risks associated with market intervention. At the forefront of Congressional debate around healthcare is the desire to improve access to and affordability […]

CAHC & SBEC Webinar: What do Employers Want in Health Care?

For more than a decade, health reform has focused on the Affordable Care Act, the individual health insurance market, and government program expansion. Congress is considering several policies to address health coverage and costs, including a public option, lowering the Medicare age of eligibility, a Medicare buy in, enhanced ACA subsidies, prescription drug pricing reforms, […]

CTT Webinar: Unmet Medical Needs, How Gene Therapies Can Help

Today, there are more than 7,000 rare diseases affecting nearly 30 million Americans, half of whom are children. While there has been significant progress with modern medical science and the development of treatments, only about 5 percent of rare diseases have an approved treatment option. Gene therapies target and correct rare disorders caused by errant […]

Price of Good Health IV: Pandemic Edition; Part 1- Costs

12:00pm ET Introduction and Level-set, Joel White, President, CAHC 12:15pm ET Spotlight Speaker- Costs and the Pandemic 12:45pm ET Panel Discussion: Costs Health costs in 2020 went down for the first time in 60 years, so how is 2021 shaping out? Did avoided care exacerbate chronic illnesses that will lead to higher future costs? Will […]

Price of Good Health IV: Pandemic Edition; Part 2- Coverage & Access

12:00pm ET Introduction and Level-set, Joel White, President, CAHC 12:10pm ET Spotlight Speaker- Assistant Secretary Ali Khawar, Employee Benefits Security Administration, Department of Labor 12:40pm ET Panel Discussion: Coverage & Access At the same time many lost their jobs and job-based coverage, Congress enacted subsidies for employer continuation coverage and expanded funding for Medicaid and […]

Price of Good Health IV: Pandemic Edition; Part 3- Competition

12:00pm ET Introduction and Level-set, Joel White, President, CAHC 12:10pm ET Congressional Fireside Chat 12:40pm ET Panel Discussion: Competition The COVID pandemic sparked a new round of mergers and acquisitions across the health care market, including insurers, doctors, pharmacists, hospitals, PBMs, and data vendors. As markets consolidate, prices tend go up. How can competition policy […]

IRA Briefing Series

CAHC Hosted a series of briefings for Capitol Hill staff on the Inflation Reduction Act and What it Means for Prescription Drug Pricing, Coverage, and Innovation. When: December 6, 2022 for the House of Representatives; December 14, 2022 for the House GOP Doctors Caucus; January 12, 2023 for the Senate Speakers Julia Jenkins and Jamie […]

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