The Council for Affordable Health Coverage (CAHC) is a broad-based advocacy alliance with a singular focus: bringing down the cost of health care for all Americans.

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Lower the Cost of Prescription Drugs

Competitive markets do more to lower drug costs and improve access to care than government price controls. Our reforms address well-known challenges and get more generics, biosimilars, and brands to market quicker to lower prices while promoting choice, improved coverage, and value. Combined, these changes will lower consumer and taxpayer costs by billions of dollars.

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Lower the Cost of Health Services

Costs associated with doctors and hospitals make up 65 percent or more of the healthcare dollar. Growth in costs is putting affordable health coverage out of reach for too many. Addressing costs in these areas is a prerequisite for lowering premiums.

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Help Small Businesses Afford Private Coverage

While 90 percent of Americans have health coverage, millions more lack access and choice to a plan they want and can afford. CAHC supports more choices and competition to ensure all consumers can enroll in and pay for a plan that meets their needs.


Reform Health Markets to Improve Choice and Competition

Consumers need accurate and useful information on prices, quality, outcomes, total cost of coverage, and safety. CAHC supports transparency in health care through better tools for consumers, better data to power these tools, and better markets for consumer and employers. These reforms will facilitate choice and break down monopolies that increase costs and stifle competition.

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