US tax law requires that employers report detailed information on employees and their families for the purpose of administering the Affordable Care Act’s individual and employer mandates and subsidy provisions. CAHC supports reducing these reporting burdens on small businesses by streamlining the process.


Small Business Issues

Preserve Health Plan Choices

ACA Issues

  • The Affordable Care Act imposes an annual excise tax- popularly termed the “Cadillac tax,” on employer-sponsored insurance coverage in excess of a predetermined threshold. Health benefits are part of the total compensation package, and as such, their costs are borne entirely by workers. In some cases, the tax will stimulate changes in plan design that increase the share of health coverage costs subject to income and payroll taxation. In others cases, health plans will pass the tax onto workers in the form of higher premiums. CAHC is monitoring any regulatory activity concerning the tax and will support modifying or repealing the tax.